Thursday, August 17, 2017

Handwriting/Copy Work Worksheet Makers

To learn various prayers, liturgical objects used in Mass, and other church activities, having the students write it down is a good way for them to remember. Here are a few of my favorite handwriting worksheet makers that are FREE so you can make personalized handwriting worksheets (print or cursive) for your students. Make basic print, D’Nealian, or Cursive handwriting worksheets. You can make the worksheets dot trace, dash trace, hollow trace, and even separated letters by just a click of a button. Each format has starting dots for each letter. Make manuscript handwriting worksheets in PDF form. Create your own custom handwriting worksheets for handwriting practice! You can choose traditional or modern print styles. Type in anything you like into the custom tracer pages to practice printing (standard block or script type printing fonts) or cursive handwriting. The custom tracer pages are available in a variety of themes as well. Create writing practice sheets in D'Nealian or Zaner-Bloser style, in print or cursive form. You choose the worksheet that you want; select the font....and you have a writing worksheet along with a picture to color. You can also edit the text to make it a verse or words that go with the Bible story, etc. Add your own copy work to their text box and then select the create button. It will then take you to a page to download the .pdf format worksheet

Bible Alphabet Handwriting Books

I am trying to compile a list of Bible Alphabet Handwriting Books. I was wondering if anyone knew of any books that have any Bible alphabet handwriting activities using lines for the children to write on. Here are a couple of books that I found that will give you an idea of what I am looking for.

Bible Alphabet Handwriting Books (has lines for the children to write on)-

Bible Stories from A to Z by Mary Murray- Each of the 26 mini-units features a letter of the alphabet and includes a Bible story with questions, an activity page, a craft, a prayer, snack, take home story, and a handwriting sheet. Click on Sample Pages to see book. Click here for another view of the book.

A Bible Alphabet by Alison Brown- Each Bible story provides a coloring/writing page that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet. Children have the opportunity to color the scene given with the Bible story and to write the word using the letter being emphasized. The sheets are perforated making them easy to remove from the book.

Do you know of any Bible Alphabet Handwriting books that have handwriting activities using lines for the children to write on? Please comment and I will add the book to the list.

Bible Alphabet Handwriting Sheets

Below is a list of FREE Bible alphabet handwriting sheets you can print out for your classroom or home. For children who can already write their letters, here is a set of cursive ABC's for children who are ready to write in cursive. Bible Alphabet Coloring pages & Handwriting Tracers
From A for Angels to Z for Zacchaeus (D'Nealian and Standard block). Includes links to Bible reference scripture links, additional printable resources: coloring pages and crafts. Free Printable Bible Coloring Pages for children to learn their ABC's. Each page has the letter for the children to color in, and for older students, there is a place to trace the letter and begin to write it on their own. These make great Bible Handwriting Worksheets to send home with children, or make their own Bible ABC Coloring Book.

Here are a few I made.

These activities are free, however they are only to be used for classroom and personal use. They may not be published on any websites or other electronic media, or distributed in newsletters, bulletins, or any other form or sold for profit. All graphics/images/clipart etc. used on these activities are not my own and are from various internet sources.

B- Baptism of Jesus

C- Creation

F- Fishers of Men

G- Good Shepherd

H- Holy Spirit

J- Jesus loves me.

K- King Solomon

L- Loaves and Fishes

R- Red Sea

U- Uzziah

V- Virtues

W- Wedding at Cana

Y- Young Ruler

FREE Catholic Handwriting Sheets

Need FREE Catholic Handwriting Sheets for your classroom or home? Here are some that I found online. Catholic Handwriting Books
Download handwriting books and sheets for free

The Catholic Toolbox- Bible Alphabet Handwriting Sheets


Liturgical Objects at Mass-

The Catholic Toolbox- Objects Used in Mass Manuscript Handwriting Worksheet #1 (chalice, ciborium, altar, stoup, pew)

The Catholic Toolbox- Objects Used in Mass Manuscript Handwriting Worksheet #2 (cruets, tabernacle, Body of Christ, Blood of Christ)

The Catholic Toolbox- Objects Used in Mass Manuscript Handwriting Worksheet (Body of Christ, Blood of Christ, tabernacle, bells)

The Catholic Toolbox- Objects Used in Mass Manuscript Worksheet (Book of the Gospels, ambo, lectern, Lectionary)

Holy, Holy, Holy/Sanctus- Sanctus and Benedictus Latin and English translation in manuscript and cursive
(Scroll down to Holy Sacrifice of the Mass)

Lord, Have Mercy (Kyrie Eleison)-

The Catholic Toolbox- Lord, have mercy (Kyrie, eleison) in manuscript

Mystery of Faith-

The Catholic Toolbox- Mystery of Faith acclamation #1 in manuscript

The Catholic Toolbox- Mystery of Faith acclamation #2 in manuscript

The Catholic Toolbox- Mystery of Faith acclamation #3 in manuscript

Lamb of God-

The Catholic Toolbox- Lamb of God in manuscript
Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed. Agnus Dei in manuscript and cursive
(Scroll down to Our Father: the Blessed Trinity)


Act of Contrition- Act of Contrition in manuscript and cursive
(Scroll down to Holy Sacrifice of the Mass)

Apostles Creed- Apostles Creed in manuscript and cursive
(Scroll down to Holy Sacrifice of the Mass)

Glory Be-

The Catholic Toolbox- Glory Be in manuscript Glory Be Copywork, Glory Be in manuscript and cursive
(Scroll down to Catechism)

Grace Before Meals-

The Catholic Toolbox- Grace Before Meals Handwriting Sheet in manuscript

The Catholic Toolbox- Grace Before Meals Handwriting Sheet in manuscript
Traditional version: Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts which we are about to receive from Thy bounty through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Hail Mary- Hail Mary in manuscript Hail Mary in cursive Hail Mary Copy Work, Hail Mary in manuscript and cursive
(Scroll down to Marian Handwriting)

Memorare- Memorare in manuscript and cursive
(Scroll down to Marian Handwriting)

Our Father/Lord’s Prayer- Our Father Copy Book, Our Father manuscript and cursive
(Scroll down to Catechism) Pater Noster in manuscript and cursive
(Scroll down to Our Father: the Blessed Trinity)

Rosary- Mysteries of the Rosary & Last Prayer of the Rosary in manuscript or cursive
(Scroll down to Marian Handwriting)

Sign of the Cross-

The Catholic Toolbox- Sign of the Cross in manuscript. Sign of the Cross in print, cursive, and D‘Nealian Print Sign of the Cross Copybook, Sign of the Cross in manuscript and cursive
(Scroll down to Holy Sacrifice of the Mass)

Or make your own:

The Catholic Toolbox- Handwriting/Copy Work Worksheet Makers

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lesson Plan Templates

Lesson Plans come in all shapes and forms. What you should use depends upon your principal, DRE, etc. and what you need as a teacher. Teachers must also take into account inclusion of special needs students into their classroom. Keeping all the needs of everyone in mind while doing a lesson plan can sometimes be overwhelming.

Here is the lesson plan template I use and it is editable. (I got this from a class I took years ago at Johns Hopkins or Notre Dame.)

And here is an example of what it looks like all filled out.

Below are some lesson plan templates that I found online that might be helpful: Click on the links below to download your free copies of the lessons planning templates from The Religion Teacher’s Guide to Lesson Planning. This lesson plan template was designed to make lesson plan writing easier to do while ensuring that all lesson plan components are met. Copy and paste below into your authoring program. Every teacher has a unique way of completing lesson plans. Some are based on strict district guidelines, while others come out of years of experience and successful practices. The following is a list of generally accepted lesson planning templates. These are all Free Lesson Plan templates. Lesson Plan Template (rtf)
This template is intended to be the ultimate lesson plan. If you only use a quarter of the learning techniques within the template, you will still have a great lesson plan. This template uses Outlining to keep the numbers correctly sequenced. By pressing the [Enter] key within the outline or deleting an outline number, the numbers will automatically resequence themselves. Blank 8-Step Lesson Plan Template Lesson Plan Template

What kind of lesson plan do you use? Please comment so I can add the link to your blog to this post. We would love to see what you use!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Make Your Own Mini Books

Mini books are a great way to help reinforce various Bible stories and topics. You can find some that you can buy and there are some that are free at various websites. But sometimes you want to have your mini book to go with your version of a Bible story or emphasize certain aspects of a topic. Or you may want your students to make their own mini book. Here are some templates that might come in handy: Several different kinds of booklets you can print out for free One Page Mini Book Templates Several different kinds of booklets you can print out for free learn how to make mini books in MS Publisher without using a template Editable Fold Over Mini Book Templates This template is a ready minibook to be fill in. You need to add your pictures and text. Mini Book templates are created in MicroSoft Office. They are templates which include text boxes for you to include any question or instructions at the top of each page of the Mini Book. Clip-art can be inserted on any page. Instructions for folding. How to Make a Mini Book Off of Word 2007 Here is a template for you to start preparing your own minibooks. It’s fully editable. MS Word (editable) and PDF mini book templates

Coloring Pages- you can add various black and white pictures that your students can color

Free Religious Coloring Pages

Clip Art/Graphics- clip art you can add to your mini books

Free Bible Clip Art and Graphics

Monday, August 14, 2017

FREE One Page Printable Bible Stories

Short on paper and need some printable Bible stories? Well, has them for FREE. You can print them out in color or black and white, whichever you prefer. Great for review and for your children to read.

Old Testament

New Testament



Value Series

Bible Story Mini Books

Bible Story Mini Books are a great way to review a Bible story or concept with young students. There are even some online for free to print out for the students to take home. I give one to each of my first grade students every week so they can read them to their parents for homework. are by far the best mini books online for free. They have color or black and white (students can color these) versions of several types of mini books in Word or Publisher format. Check this site often because they add new mini books all the time.

Old Testament

New Testament


Easter Bible Mini Books (7 posted that are color or black & white)

• Adam & Eve (2 versions)
• Creation
• Life of Jesus
• Lord’s Prayer (Catholic version posted)
• Men of the Bible
• Noah and His Ark Old and New Testament Bible Story Mini Books

biblestoryprintables- (sister group of Bible Story Mini Books that are in color or black & white Bible Story Mini Books (20 posted that are black & white)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

FREE Printable Mass Notes For Children

It’s no secret that kids often struggle to pay attention during Mass. Sometimes the problem is comprehension, other times it’s just listening skills. This post features downloadable resources to help the children in your church remember what was said during Mass. FREE My Mass Notes Printable {for Kids}

Use these for ideas to make your own. Free Printable Sermon Notebook for Kids Sermon Notes for Kids Printables Printable Sermon Notes Sheet Sermon Notes Round Up for Kids Sermon Notes for Kids Printable Worksheets Sermon Notes Printable for Children Encourage Your Children to take Sermon Notes with FREE Printable! Training Children To Take Notes During Sermons It's a Christian worship activity page for your school-age kiddos that will keep them quietly occupied during worship while at the same time helping them to focus on what is going on. Worship Notes for Kids Sermon Note Worksheet for Kids Printable Sermon Note Taking Sheet for Kids The worksheets contained a list of hand-written “church” words and the children were putting tally marks next to each of the words as they heard them in the service. In order to keep Christ the focus, we have tried out many ways to help our children attend and commit to memory what they learn on Sunday. I created this sheet for that purpose. This 5 page packet contains a study note outline for: PK-K, 1st-2nd Graders, 3rd-5th Graders, 6th-8th Graders. It aids children in focusing on what is happening during worship services, instead of focusing on coloring books or texting or the people around them or notes or daydreaming. I am making it free because I think it is an awesome resource that every church should incorporate. Use these ideas to make your own.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

FREE Children’s Worship Bulletins and/or Mass Worksheets

*If you know of any more FREE Children’s Worship Bulletins and/or Mass Worksheets, please comment so I can add them to the list. Scroll down to the date for Coloring Page, Mass Worksheet, Crossword Puzzle, Word Search, etc. Click on Sermons Index and scroll down for the sermon (object lesson) that you want. Also click on Coloring Pages for English and Spanish coloring pages. Scroll down under lesson for Group Activities, Coloring Pages, Puzzles, Quizzes, and Worship Bulletins. lessons with memory verses, circle the correct words, true or false, fill in the blanks, puzzles, and color sheets. Great to use for activities about certain Bible stories. Ages 3 – 6th Grade. Download a FREE bulletin to help your kids learn more about our Catholic Mass. Each week's bulletin contains coloring pages for a saint and activities based on the Gospel. The coloring pages may also include a maze, dot-to-dot, find the picture, and many other activities. A fun way for Catholic kids to learn about the Faith every week. Has a weekly quiz and coloring page on each week's readings. Children's Bulletin "Growing With Jesus" Devotionals, skits, word searches, crosswords, recourses for Cycle A, B, or C Gospel for the Mass.

Want to make your own Worship Bulletins for your children or students? Here are a few templates that might come in handy: Several templates to choose from